Restoring a Vintage Camper

A few months ago my husband and I watched a show on the Travel channel that featured several vintage campers. I fell in love with the cute campers on the show, and knew I had to have one for myself. Today my dream came to fruition when we found a gem, that I knew would be perfect. We ended up getting this 1968 Shasta travel trailer.

It isn't much to look at right now but in the future I expect it to be wonderful. We are planning on painting it first. We are going to go back white, but where it is currently painted black we are going to be painting it red. We plan to update, or should I say restore, the interior as well. We plan to do a diner style decor on the inside by covering the cushions with red and white interior, as well as making new curtains for the windows. I can't wait to get started on this project.


  1. Please share your camper images after update, now also it looking great. Good Luck!


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