The Best Baked Potatoes

I know what you are thinking - who needs a recipe for baked potatoes? I do! When I first started cooking I had to find a recipe for baked potatoes because I had no idea how to make this simplest of meals. I have tried several different baked potatoe variations, and this recipe has won me the most praise.

What you will need:
  • Potatoes, rinsed

  • Olive Oil

  • Kosher Salt

  • Pastry Brush

  • Aluminum Foil, I use the Reynolds Wrappers

1. Using potatoes that have been rinsed, cut an "X" on the top of the potato.

2. Using a pastry brush, brush potato with olive oil.

3. Roll potato in Kosher Salt, being careful not to get too much salt on potato. My kids like to mash up their baked potatoes and eat the skin and all so too much salt on the potato keeps them from eating the skin. 4. Wrap potato in aluminum foil

5. Baking times and temperature vary on a number of temperatures. Depending on what else I have in the oven I will cook the potatoes between 350 and 425 degrees. The amount of time it takes to cook the potatoes will also vary depending on the size of a potato, a small potato may only take 30 minutes to cook, while a larger one will take longer. Normal cooking times will vary between 30 minutes and 60 minutes. Cook until potatoes are tender.


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