Pajama Party Sew Along

I know it's getting late in the month but when I ran across the Pajama Party Sew-Along at Sew Mama Sew I knew I just had to join in. You see I have been meaning to make pajamas for my two youngest children for quite some time, and just haven't gotten around to doing it. Quite sad, isn't it?

You see what makes it so sad is that I already have all of the material and the patterns purchased. I won't go into details about how long ago I purchased it, but let's just say they were intended to be worn last winter, not this winter.

For Little Man I plan to use McCall's Pattern #M9638. I chose this pattern because I could use it to make matching patterns for Daddy and my oldest son as well. You see I have this dream of waking up Christmas morning with us all wearing matching pajamas, all in coordinating colors. Wouldn't that make the perfect Christmas morning pictures? The only thing is I never seem to be able to get the pajamas done. I have all these great plans but have a hard time finding the time to get them done.

I have a very cute lizard print material to make the pajamas out of. Perfect for a little boy!

For Sunshine I chose McCalls Pattern #M5744, or should I say she chose it. We plan to use the long sleeved, long nightgown.

For her nightgown we have a yellow fleece type fabric that is covered in monkeys. I originally purchased it with my son in mind, but she is in love with it, so she will get it.

So now I am off to get busy sewing!


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