Highlights for Children - Remember These?

I remember getting Highlights magazines as a kid. My grandmother always bought me a subscription, and I loved looking over the books. The puzzles were always my favorite part, especially the hidden picture ones. Yet I still loved to read the Timbertoe cartoons.

We went this past week to get our flu shots, and while we were waiting my daughter and I started flipping through the Highlights magazine. She really liked it, and it brought back the memories of when I received my Highlights magazines. Tonight, I browsed over the Highlights magazine website and was amazed at the wide variety of products they now offer. They have the Hidden Pictures Playground which is chock full of the hidden picture puzzles (be still my heart), Which Way USA which is all about the 5o states which would be perfect for an elementary homeschool geography course, Top Secret Adventures which teaches world geography as kids pose as a super secret spy, and my daughters favorite Mathmania which is full of math problems

Right now they have a wide variety of offers on these new books on their website.


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