It's Birthday Time!

Yesterday we had a family birthday dinner for our two oldest children. Our oldest son, Skateboarder, will be turning 16 on Tuesday and our oldest daughter, Bubbles, turned 12 last Saturday. On top of that yesterday was also my mother-in-laws birthday, and I will politely not mention her age. So on Friday I made three birthday cakes.

I normally make all of my cakes and icing from scratch but knowing that I had three to make this go around I decided to use a boxed cake mix and ready made icing for these cakes. The icing is where I messed up. I made Bubbles this purse cake:

The purse was suppose to stand up but the icing kept running, it was too thin or something. So I decided to lay the cake down. It ended up being a lopsided mess but she was still happy with it. Definetly not one of my best cakes.
David wanted a Mustang cake, so my first thought was to make him a cake in the shape of a Mustang but than after much thought, remembering that I had three to make in the same day, I settled on making him this round cake with a Mustang emblem in the middle. He was happy too.

Now for our lunch menu:
Grilled pork chops marinated in my homemade Honey Barbecue Sauce
Baked Beans
Greek Tomato and Feta Salad from the Feeding The Healthy Vegetarian Family cookbook


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