One Halloween Costume Down (Almost), Two More to Go

I hate to say it but time has really gotten away from me this year. I haven't felt well the last few weeks, I have had a horrible sinus infection, and I haven't really felt like sewing. Believe it or not I am just now getting around to starting the kids Halloween costumes.

Back around Labor Day, yes that's how long I have been procrastinating, I bought this McCall's Pattern for the girl's Halloween costumes.

At first both girls wanted to be the pretty Renaissance princess but then, as usual, Sunshine changed her mind. She wanted to be a witch. Well, I had about nine yards of this shiny black fabric that I had purchased a while back that was just sitting in my sewing room, so I thought that would be perfect for a witch dress, and since I already had the pattern I thought why not use it to make a fancy witch dress.

And here is what I did today:

She absolutely loves the sleeves and the full skirt. She couldn't be happier. The witch hat we bought her has feathers around the brim, so I am going to go by Hancock Fabrics tommorow to see about some feathers to sew around the bottom of the skirt to maybe dress it up a little bit. But other than that I am done!
So that makes one costume down and two more to go this week!
Did I also mention I have five personalized Trick or Treat bags to make this week as well? I bet you can't guess what I will be doing this week!


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