Pizza and a Movie

We have been trying to implement a family movie night at our house, but it just keeps getting put on the back burner. Friday night we were suppose to go to the Halloween parade in town but the rain kept us at home. The kids were really looking forward to something "fun" (you know we never have ANY fun) to do. So we decided this would be the perfect night for our first family movie night.

I made homemade pizza dough in my breadmaker using this recipe, and I used a jar of my homemade pizza sauce (the recipe is here) that I had canned (it was actually my last jar so I am going to have to make some more soon).

We all like different toppings on our pizzas so I divided my pizza dough into six individual sized pizzas. I set up the toppings into small bowls, and had the kids come two at a time to top (I keep wanting to say decorate) their own pizzas.

After the pizzas were done we watched The Legend of Sleepy Hollow together while we ate. All in all it was a great night in with the kids.


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