Show and Tell Friday - Sunshine's Tea Sets

After reading a blog post about Show and Tell Fridays on the blog A Little of This and That I decided to participate in Show and Tell Fridays myself.

Show and Tell Fridays is hosted by My Romantic Home, which is a very lovely blog. I love the photos of her home, and makes me wish that with my young children I could keep my home that lovely.

The week before this past Mother's Day I went with my daughter's to a local tea room. My girls absolutely loved it, especially Sunshine, who is the girliest girl I know. After our visit she was very insistent that she wanted a tea set for her birthday in August. I looked everywhere for the perfect tea set, I really wanted to find her the perfect, girly tea set, and I wanted it to be an antique.

Finally one Saturday I visited a yard sale where I found two tea sets that were ready to be painted, and the thought occurred to me that wouldn't it be even more special if I painted her tea set myself? I bought both sets, since they were a little different from each other. I found a local pottery studio who would fire them for me after I painted them.

This set didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to, it was meant to be a more formal set but the paint didn't seem to take. When I picked them up, the lady at the studio told me they had been having trouble with this happening on some of their pieces, and believed it had to do with the paint they had gotten in.

Sunshine didn't care she loved it.

This yellow and orange set was meant to be her everyday set that she could play with. I painted it orange and yellow to match the sun since we call her sunshine. This set turned out exactly the way I wanted it to, and it is so pretty!

You will notice that one of the plates is missing a cup, it broke during the firing process.
My husband is making her two boxes to hold these. The boxes are made from cedar, with the inside covered in velvet, and little dividers to hold everything so that nothing gets broke. In the meantime we have been wrapping each piece in tissue paper after she finishes playing with them so that nothing gets broke.

For more Show and Tell Friday posts please visit My Romantic Home.


  1. Very cute how sweet to paint the tea set yourself I love ceramics ~but rarely get to do any ~Thanks for sharing Blessings Heather ;D

  2. I'm sure Sunshine just adores them. What a special treasure for her - something handmade by you with love!

    They are adorable!

  3. How very special that you made them for her yourself. I know she will treasure them always.

  4. What a lovely set. Stop by for a visit soon!

  5. How very sweet and personal! This is something she will definately remember all her life! What a wonderful treasure for you two to share! Thanks for sharing! -April

  6. Both sets are so darling! It's wonderful that your hubby is making a special box for each. She will treasure her girly tea sets forever!



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