After the Holidays Shopping Trip - What a Deal

Am I the only one who likes to shop for the holidays AFTER the holidays are over? I love shopping the after holiday sales and getting holiday items for as much as 90 percent off.

Our local grocery store has had these guys in their holiday aisle for quite a while now, and I noticed them everytime I went by but they wanted $24.99 a piece for them before Halloween.
That would be $80.21 after taxes for all three. I just could not see spending that. So I watched them, and I watched them and.....

yesterday I went into the store and they were marked 75% off. In my head that was still around $6 or $7 a piece, not bad but still more than I wanted to spend. So I asked the cashier to scan them anyways to make sure exactly what their price was AND......

they scanned for $2.49 each! I paid $7.99 after taxes for all three of these guys! What a deal when compared to the original $80.21 the three of them would have originally cost me! So for now they are going to go into a tote until next Halloween!


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