Crockpot Wednesday - Chili Con Queso

This is one of my favorite crockpot recipes, and it is one that I cooked just this weekend at the campground. It is easy to make, and can be used as a main dish in a pinch.


Block of Velveeta Cheese
Jar of Salsa
1 1b of ground beef, browned (when I made this at the campground I browned the hamburger at home and then took it with me)

Cut up the block of Velveeta Cheese into cubes, and put into the crockpot. Add in the jar of salsa and ground beef, stir to mix ingredients together. Cook on low for two to four hours, the main idea is to just melt the cheese. If needed you can stir the cheese to keep it from burning. Serve with tortilla chips.

For more crock pot recipes visit Dining With Debbie.


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