Thanksgiving Blessing Tree

I have been meaning to post this for a while but time just got away from me this year. This year we decided to make sure and give Thanksgiving the honor it deserves in our home as a holiday.

We started out by counting down the days to Thanksgiving. I made this little pockets out of felt to help us count down the days. I then hung them from ribbons using clothespins starting twenty days before Christmas.

The pockets are sewn rough, they are meant to look like that I wanted to give them the rustic look.

In each pocket I placed seven leaves. One leaf had a bible verse for the day written on it and the other six leaves were left blank. Each night after supper we would read the bible verse, and then each one of us would write what we were thankful for on our leaf.
Once we wrote what we were thankful for on our leaf we would hang it on our Blessing Tree.

This is what our tree looked like at the beginning of the month, now the tree is completely covered.


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