2009 A Year in Review Party

I want to apologize for how pic heavy this thread is. While I like pictures, I try to avoid having too many in any one thread but it's really hard to have a year in review post without a lot of pictures. I am linking this post to My Romantic Home's Year in Review Party.

January brought us a big snow storm. While we do get snow from time to time we don't get snow like this. It was so deep you couldn't even sled in it.

It was also the first time that Cookie had experienced snow.
What made the snow storm so bad, and hard to get around in was the fact that there was ice underneath the deep snow. We were one of the lucky ones who had electricity throughout the storm.

In February, we had thawed out from all of the snow and were preparing for our new horse. Everyone pitched in to help build a pen for him.

And in March we brought home a baby goat

and some baby chickens

In April we enjoyed the spring weather by having a cookout with friends.

In May our little man turned 6. We celebrated with a massive deer head cake.

After his party we took the kids for a ride on the Shadow.

Little Man's favorite gift was the Dinosaur fossil kit. This thing kept him busy for hours!
In June we started our camping season. We took the two youngest ones on a trip by themselves at the beginning of the month while the two oldest were visiting their grandparents. It was a great opportunity to spend some quality time with just them.

And then at the end of the month we all went camping together.

On July 4th we visited one of the local state parks and then went to see the huge fireworks display put on at a local college.

I also started my blog in July!
The end of the month wasn't quite as fun though. It brought my birthday around, which was a good day, but then the next day I fell in a store and broke my ankle. That brought around a stop to our summer fun as I was in a boot all the way up to my knee for the next two months.
In August we celebrated Sunshine's 9th birthday. This is when she got her teapot set.

And we celebrated the day with a cowboy boot shaped cake. I was still in a cast at this point, unable to get around very well, so it's not my best work.

September brought nothing more than just playing in the nice weather.

And October brought Bubbles 12th birthday, The Teenagers 16th birthday, and my mother-in-laws birthday (which I will politely refrain from telling how old she turned). We celebrated all three birthdays on the same day with a great dinner.

We also took the kids camping over the Halloween weekend. Where they got to use their Halloween loot bags that I made them.
In November we counted down the days to Thanksgiving by sharing our blessings on our Blessings Tree.
We had a great Thanksgiving where we ate good and had a beautiful day.

December was another busy month where we visited Santa at Bass Pro Shop, made lots of cookies, and ate all kinds of good foods.


  1. What a glorious and busy year you've had and shared! Family is really what it's all about!

    Isn't this a great idea for us to share our best!?!? Please come visit my post when you get a chance.

    Hope 2010 will bring you much happiness!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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