Can You Keep a Secret?

I hope you can because I am going to confess something just awful.....I am just not in the Christmas spirit this year. Not at all. Which is suprising I was in the Christmas spirit before Thanksgiving and then something just happened, I don't know what, I can't explain but it just doesn't feel like Christmas is next week. I haven't been a Scrooge though, my tree went up the day after Thanksgiving, I changed my blog to a Christmas layout, I decorated my house for Christmas, the presents are bought and's just that my heart isn't into it this year. It feels like I am just going through the motions. We are planning on going to a big Christmas lights display tommorow after church, and I am hoping to spend Monday baking with my kids. My prayer is that somewhere along the way that happy, joyful feeling that you are suppose to have at Christmas will find it's way into my heart but even if it doesn't I am determined that my kids will never know how not into Christmas I am this year.


  1. Can you Secret Santa a needy family? I've found that selfless giving can help me get in the mood some years. This year, our church's Christmas play did it for me.

    Almost every year, I find myself resisting the Christmas decorations in the store in October and November, so when December comes around, it's hard to relax and rejoice, you know?



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