Show and Tell - Sunshine's Lucy

This is Lucy, she belongs to my nine year old daughter Sunshine. She has been a constant fixture in our home since Sunshine was about a year old, she has been with us to countless doctor's appointments, through five surgeries, through several moves in several different states, and is still slept with every night (my daughter would be mortified if she knew I just shared that tidbit of information). Which explains why she is stained, she has been well loved for the last eight years by a very rambunctious little girl.

I bought Lucy as a Christmas present for Sunshine in the gift shop of the hospital that I worked at, one of my favorite things to do was browse the gift shops during breaks.
Earlier this week I was shopping at one of my favorite thrift stores when I found a doll very similar to Lucy with the Gund tags still attached for $1. I couldn't pass it up and just had to purchase it! There are some very slight differences, but they are very slight. See how much they look alike:

So what is my plan for our new "Lucy" doll? Well, this is where my husband thinks I am a little crazy but my daughter loves the idea. The new "Lucy" has been properly packaged and tucked away in my closet until my Sunshine has a daughter of her own who will need her own "Lucy" doll.
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  1. awww... I think this is a PERFECT plan for new "Lucy"! How precious it will be to share something so special!

    So nice visiting with you!

    Kindly, ldh

  2. That is the sweetest idea ever. How much will Sunshine's future daughter love having the same doll as her mother?


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