Back to Basics Grocery Challenge: Taking Inventory

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I already try to watch what I spend on groceries but am always looking for more ways to cut grocery costs. I have decided to join Erin at The Many Days of the Dicarolis Family for her Back to Basics Challenge.

The first challenge, which I missed last week was to set your budget, for Erin's challenge it was to include both your grocery and toiletry items. I already have these budgeted my grocery budget is $450 per month and my toiletry budget is $125 per month for a family of six.

So far this month I have spent $229.47 of my monthly grocery budget and $45.52 of my toiletry budget.

This weeks challenge is:
To take inventory of your food storage!
Fridge, Freezer, Pantry, etc.
Once you have cleaned house and know what you have try to create
at least 5 "no cost" meals.
These can be meals to turn to when you are over budget/missing
ingredients for another meal, etc.
This challenge was easy for me. I have plenty of food available that I can throw together to create an easy meal. Here's what I have come up with for our "no cost" meals.
  • Pasta - I have several boxes of pasta noodles plus I have canned spaghetti sauce and a freezer full of cut up tomatoes from the garden
  • Ham - I have a whole ham in the freezer
  • Turkey - I have a 20 pound turkey in the freezer
  • Jennie O Turkey Breast Loaves - I have four of these which would mean 2 meals for us
  • Sloppy Joes - I have already cooked hamburger and several cans of Manwich
  • Shrimp and French Fries - I already have both in my freezer
  • Canned Soup - we buy these when they are on sale and have a stockpile
  • Convenience Meals - we have several frozen food entrees in our freezer, again we buy on sale and have a stockpile
  • I have plenty of corn and green beans canned from the garden, and keep plenty of potatoes in the house so I always have plenty of sides
  • Bean Soup - We have several bags of different types of dried beans that can be turned into soup
  • I buy flour, sugar, and yeast in bulk so I can always make bread items from scratch

I am sure if I thought a little harder I could come up with more, but it is nice to know that we have plenty to choose from if we had to use up our stockpile.


  1. Great job on your *no cost* meals from you stock!

    And you're doing great on your budget!

    Connie @ Tales From The Fridge

  2. Sounds like you are all stocked up!
    I think I will have to hit our stock up hard and the end of the month!


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