Back to Basics Grocery Challenge Week 4, Budget Update

I did it!  I did it! 

I came in under budget this month! 

My food budget for the month was $450 and I spent $447.58 this month

My toiletries budget for the month was $125 and I spent $77.82.

Unfortunately for me I found out that we will be losing a little bit of money come March and I may be having to cut my food budget back to $350 per month.  That will be a challenge!  Feeding six people on $350 per month, I'm honestly not sure if I can do it but I will give it a shot.  I get to keep my $450 budget for February but look out come March.  In an effort to help offset the food budget, or in case I can't make the $350 I am going to cut back my toiletry budget to $80.  This will give me about $45 to play with in case I need to add it to my food budget. 

This week's challenge was to:

Your challenge this week:

Tally up the #s!!
How did you do?!
How can you save more in February?
What is your BIGGEST piece of advice from January?

One of the ways I am going to cut back on my expenses in January is to stick to the items that are on sale, and to watch what I spend at Jay C.  Because Jay C's is the only grocery store in the town I live in I spend the most there, because it's where I run to when I just need this or that.  I have to watch what I spend there.  I am also going to work on trying to come up with lower cost snacks.  I bought Nutri Grain Bars, Granola Bars, and cookies this month for snacks, and I think if I can come up with more inexpensive snacks or made from scratch alternatives it would save me more.

As far as advice goes - it would have to be to get creative.  Use your imagination when coming up with your meal plan and try to utilize what you already have at home verses choosing recipes that you don't have any of the ingredients for.


  1. Homemade snacks are the way to go.
    You can make applesauce in the crockpot, muffins, cookies, etc.

  2. Unless you can get great deals on snacks and stock up...I think making some would be the way to go!

    Great job on your budget!


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