Help For Haiti

I have been praying for the words to write here for quite some time concerning Haiti.  Long before the earthquake hit Haiti last week Haiti was on the mind of our family, as it has been a passion of our church for quite some time now.  Just this past December we held a "One Less Gift" drive where the church asked everyone to donate money instead of giving a meaningless gift to someone, or to ask that instead of receiving a gift that money that would be spent on it would be donated.  All money donated to the "One Less Gift" drive was to go to buy a portable drill that could be used in Haiti to drill for clean drinking water, a need that our church had seen during the many trips that have been made over the past few years to the country.

God knew then how very much more important clean drinking water would be to Haiti.  On Sunday it was announced that the drill would be taken first to Port au Prince for use there before being moved on to the orphanage that we support in Northwest Haiti. 

And now, just a few minutes ago, I heard a new earthquake has hit Haiti. 

Our church works closely with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission they have been giving updates on the ongoing relief efforts in Haiti, as well as sharing stories of survivors on their website.  If you feel led you can also donate to them there.  You can visit the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission website by clicking here

You can also text the message "Support NWHCM" to the number 20222 to donate $5 to them.  Which you can learn more about here

And most of all please continue to keep this country in your prayers.


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