Weight Loss Wednesday

One of my goals for this new year has been to lose the extra weight that I have put on. My plan is to do this slowly, I didn't put the weight on overnight, and I can't expect to take it off overnight. As part of my plan I have decided to join Rosey Little Things Weight Loss Wednesday blog carnival.

Earlier this week I was watching (okay listening) to the tv show The Doctors, it's not a show I usually watch but it just happened to be on while I was in the kitchen cooking supper. One of the women on the show said that she didn't recognize herself anymore when she looked in the mirror, and that she wondered where this person came from. That is exactly how I feel. I have never been heavy. I have always been skinny, extremely skinny. I barely weighed one hundred pounds when I got pregnant with my first child. Now I don't even want to mention how much I weigh. Needless to reach the weight that I want to reach I need to lose seventy-five pounds.

I can't say I am not sure how I got to the weight I am. I know how I got here. I have two bad habits, I am an emotional eater and I eat because I am bored. My weight gain started when my uncle died five years ago. My grandparents both got sick, and I had to move back from Florida. My grandfather died four months after my uncle, and it was quite a blow. I just couldn't handle it. This was in 2005. We had several minor obstacles along the way, that made me eat again. Then in May of 2007 my husband had his accident. The accident that caused him to no longer be able to work, and has resulted in several medical conditions. I felt like the rug was pulled out from under me and this is when I really started to eat. Chocolate is my best friend in times of stress. I know this. I just need to fix it.

One of my biggest obstacles in weight loss is my husband. I love him, but he is a bad influence on me. I say I am not going to get soft drinks, I quit buying them, and then he buys them. Puts them right there in front of me. He snacks all the time, and doesn't want to eat by himself. He is constantly asking me if I want candy, if I want chips, if I want a cookie. It's constant temptation. He can eat, eat, and eat but not gain a pound! It's frustrating. We've had a talk about this, and he promises to stop tempting me but we will see.

My plan for this week is quite simple. Nothing major. I am going to start replacing our down home country style suppers with more sensible meals. Baked chicken, fish, low fat recipes, you get the idea. Instead of eating the potatoes or starches that my family is eating I will eat a salad. I am hoping this will be an easy life change that I can ease into. Like I said, I didn't get this way overnight, and I know that if I start making major changes I will fail.

The second thing I am going to tackle this week is drinking more water. One of my biggest obstacles in this area is our water. Our city is dealing with taste issues on the water, so I have to buy bottled water, adn I am funny about certain brands of bottled water.

And the last thing I am going to do this week is to replace my snacks with sensible alternatives.

I really hope to start walking soon. It's just too cold right now. Seriously, it's too cold. It was six degrees outside this morning. I have no idea what the wind chill was but it was cold. It's started snowing now, and we are suppose to get a major snow storm tommorow. So for now the walking will have to wait.


  1. I was 100 lbs until I was 20, and never more than about 115 lbs until I moved in with my husband 10 years ago. I've been struggling ever since! I don't know if it's the snacking or what, because I was always able to eat whatever I wanted. It is frustrating though.

    One way I make water that tastes good is drinking Sassy water from the Flat Belly Diet book. You take 2 quarts of water and add spearmint leaves, grated ginger, sliced cucumbers and sliced lemons. Obviously easier to do during the summer. It tastes great though, and helps me track how much water I'm drinking.

  2. Deanna, the Sassy water sounds great. I am definetly going to have to check that out!


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