What a Deal!

The snow didn't keep me from going grocery shopping today. I had to go, it was the day I had planned to go for a while, and I needed to go. Especially if we were going to be snowed in all weekend. So I got up early and went shopping before the snow got bad. The good thing about going shopping during a snow storm? The stores were actually pretty much deserted!

When I quit my job to stay home with my kids we took a pay cut, and I had to start learning to cut back expenses. I started using coupons but never really got into it. Well, when my husband had his wreck, and we went to a fixed income I had to really cut back on expenses. That is when we created a budget and I REALLY started couponing.

Since we get paid once a month, I try to do one big shopping trip at the beginning of the month, and do a few smaller ones throughout the week. My grocery budget is $450 a month for the six of us. That does not include toiletries, cleaning supplies, or anything like that. It's strictly food, so when I go to the store I do seperate my general merchandise order from my food order so that I can keep my budget straight.

I thought I would share with you some of my best deals today.


Sea-Pak Shrimp Poppers $1.58
Used $1 off any Sea-Pak product coupons (the coupon is a peelie that my husband actually spotted)
Bought 12 boxes at $0.58 per box

Snuggle Fabric Softener $1.87
Used $2 off any Snuggle product coupon
Got 3 for free plus an additional $0.39 off the rest of my order


Sure Deodorant $1.89 each
Used $1.50 off any one Men's Sure Deodorant
Got 3 for $0.39 each

Ivory 3 Pack of Soap $1.23
Used $1 off coupon
Got 1 for $0.23

Lipton Smart Soups Chicken Noodle with White Meat Chicken Chunks $1.07
Used $0.50 coupon, which Meijer doubled
Got 1 for $0.07

So here is what my totals looked like for today
Meijer - Grocery Order
Number of Items - 126
Total Before Coupons - $199.75
Coupons - $31.29
Total Paid $168.47
Meijer - General Merchandise Order
Number of Items - 32
Total Before Coupons - $63.21
Coupons - $23.75
Total Paid $39.46
Number of Items -51
Total Before Coupons - $91.16
Coupons - $24.10
Total Paid - $67.06
Total Amount of Coupons Used - $79.14
One of my blog related goals for 2010 is to start participating in Works For Me Wednesday which is hosted by We Are That Family. My first few posts will be based around using coupons and saving money. Next Wednesay I plan to show how I organize my coupons, and the following week I will show how I actually plan my grocery trips.
So, does anyone else use coupons?


  1. I have trouble with coupons. I forget that I have them. I forget to use them. I can never remember how to use them when things are for sale, and I'm intimidated by the thought of using them to the point of getting money back. Like someone might yell at me and accuse me of stealing! I'd love to see your tips.


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