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As promised I am finally sharing how I organize my coupons in my coupon binder.  Now my coupon binder isn't anything fancy shmancy, and there are lots of others out there with coupon binders organized completely different than mine but mine works for me, and that's really the point isn't it?  That it works for me?  This is just meant to give you a starting point to fixing your own coupon binder. 

My current binder is a simple, three ring binder.  I've already started to outgrow it, and am planning on purchasing a larger, Trapper Keeper style binder but I've had this one for a while now and I kind of like it. 

Inside my binder I have Baseball card sheets.  The coupons fit in their nicely (although some do need to be folded) and look so organized.  Don't you think so? 

I have my coupons in my binder in alphabetical order.  I seperate them by name brand Bounty, Colgate, Dawn, Secret.  Bounty goes on the "B" page, Colgate on the "C" page, you get the point.  It makes it easier for me when I am looking for a specific brand.  I also have a special page in the back where I put store specific coupons or restaurant coupons, like CVS, Meijer, Red Lobster, Arbys, etc.

When I am not using my coupon binder I keep it in this cute tote.

I also keep a pair of scissors and any coupons that need to be cut out or filed in it.  I take the tote with me so that whenever I find myself sitting and waiting I can work on my coupons.  I get the majority of my coupons cut and filed while I am waiting in the car rider line at my kids school. 

As I cut and file new coupons I look for expired coupons, which I pull but do not throw away.  I donate these, as many military families can still use coupons up to six months after their expiration date on overseas military bases.  You can learn more about donating your expired coupons to military families by visiting Overseas Coupon Program.     

I also cut all coupons, dog food, cat food, baby food, even if I don't use it.  Here's why, with several stores
offering double coupons you can get several products for free or very, very cheap (less than 25 cents) when they are on sale.  I get everything that falls into this category, then the things that I don't use I donate.  Pet items can be donated to animal shelters, baby items can be donated to a women's shelter or food pantry, and canned goods or other non-perishables that you will not use can also be donated to food pantrys.  With our current financial situation I can still do a good deed without it costing me a fortune.  This was very helpful when our kids school had a drive to gain items for the local food pantry and shelter, the class that brought in the most items in each grade got to deliver the items and eat lunch at McDonalds.  They could bring in food or toiletries, just no razors or anything sharp. 

You can find more coupon binder inspiration by checking out these coupon binders:

Now next week I will explain how I use my coupon binder in conjunction with sales ads to get some really great deals on groceries. 


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