It's only Monday and....

my menu plan is already out the window. 

Sunshine has been complaining about her head hurting for a few days now but I really didn't think a lot about it.  It didn't seem to slow her down, and honestly she likes attention.  One of her goals in life is to break her leg so that she can get matching casts and wheelchairs for her American Girl doll.  Nope I am not making that one up. 

So she's had this headache, and yesterday she starts having nose bleeds.  After waking up with the latest one at 3:30 AM this morning my mommy brain starts running wild with how the nose bleeds could be related to the headaches.  The Irrational Mommy side of me is thinking brain tumor, cancer, aneurysm while the Rational Mommy side of me is thinking it's probably just allergies or a sinus infection.  Well, the doctor agreed with the Rational Mommy side of me (sort of) after running blood and platelet counts, checking for neurological functioning, a vision and hearing test, along with all the let's rule out anything major tests she decides Sunshine's probably having migraine headaches and the nosebleeds having nothing to do with the headaches.  The migraines make sense since I have them, my mom has them, my brother has them, my grandfather has them, well, you get the point, they run in the family.  

So we leave the doctor at 3, have an hour drive home, have to eat supper, and leave at 5:30 to take Little Man to tee-ball practice.  Which means no Roasted Pepper Chicken Penne tonight.  Not happening.  A bucket of spaghetti and two loaves of garlic bread from the Spaghetti Shop hit the table tonight.....  Some days I wonder why I even bother to plan out a menu!


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