Website Review: Coupon Chief

Hello, my name is Stephanie, and I am addicted to online shopping....

Uhhh, is there even a twelve step program for that? 

If not there probably should be.

Until I find one however, I am going to continue to shop, shop, shop online. 

Why do I like shopping online?

Well, there's a variety of reasons. 

One, I hate crowds.  I think I might have mentioned it before, but they really make me crazy.  I am not one of those crazy people who are afraid to go places or have some crazy phobia of people, I just don't like having to stand in line, or fight people to get a super deal.

Two, it's convenient.  I can click a button and it's delivered to my door.  How simple is that?

Three, I have time constraints.  Most of my daily free time is between 10 PM and 2 AM.  Not really the best time of day to be out shopping.

But the biggest reason I like shopping online is the deals you can find.  Now you all know my favorite words are cheap and coupon, right?

Recently I have discovered a website called Coupon Chief.  Have any of you ever visited it?  If not, you really should.  Coupon Chief is a website that offers coupon codes for online retailers.  While I have frequently visited several other of the coupon code websites I have not seen any that offer the sheer number of coupons that Coupon Chief does.  I read somewhere that they offer close to 40,000 coupon codes for over 8,000 stores.  Honestly, I don't know the exact number of coupon codes but I know it's a lot.

Another thing I like about Coupon Chief is that it's very easy to navigate.  You just simply enter the name of the store you are looking for a coupon code for, and the coupons that are available for that store come up.  Easy Peasy!

Another great feature of Coupon Chief is their Pays-2-Share program.  In my opinion it is a very unique feature, and one that gives Coupon Chief an edge over other coupon sites for me.  With the Pays-2-Share program you can submit coupon codes to Coupon Chief.  Once you have submitted the coupon codes, and someone uses your code you will get two percent of what Coupon Chief receives for that sale.  Which makes Coupon Chief not only a money saver but also a money maker.  What more could you want?   

So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Coupon Chief and check it out for yourself!


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