Change is Good, Right???

I sure hope so because I have took the plunge tonight and made several changes to my blog.  Did you notice the name change?  Musings of a Modern Day Mom is now the Modern Day Mom.  On top of that we now have the domain name of  I know I have several subscribers who receive my posts by email, a few who subscribe using Google Connect, and more who subscribe via Google Reader, how you view my blog will not change, and you should automatically be redirected to our new blog. 

I have also signed up for both Twitter and Facebook tonight!  I am excited about Twitter, I have never used it before and it's kind of scary looking but I am sure I can figure it out.  You can find the links to both my Twitter and Facebook pages on my sidebar.  If you follow me on either site I will return the favor and follow you back!

I am still playing around with the layout of the blog and how it works so please be patient with me if things look a little wonky when you visit.  I am trying to work it all out. 

There are so many ideas floating around in my mind right now, and the name change has really given me some inspiration.  I have some emails sent out to some of my favorite bloggers concerning guest posts and I am hoping to have some great guest bloggers visiting soon!

To celebrate the changes I have a giveaway coming up soon.  I have been contacted by a company about hosting a giveaway for them and I am VERY excited!  Keep your eye out to find out more about it and learn how to win! 


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