Frugal Fridays - Keeping The Kids Busy This Summer On a Budget

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Keeping kids entertained during the summer months can be hard, and when you are on a budget it can be downright impossible.

In the past the kids and I have looked forward to the free summer movie programs that many theater chains across the country offer. Yes, the movies are older movies, we may have already seen them, but there are still some that we haven't seen before. After the movies we will either go out to eat or we will take a picnic lunch and eat at the park. It depends on the weather and our budget. I always explain to the kids that even though the concession stand is open, we will not be getting anything from there. This is always explained before we get to the movie theater, that way the expectations are clear from the get go.

This year there aren't as many theaters offering free movies but Regal Theaters and The Great Escape will still offer free movies this summer.

AMC Theaters will offer summer kids movies for $1. They aren't free but at least they are still cheap compared to other theaters.

On Wednesdays National Amusement Theaters will offer Bookworm Wednesdays. On Bookworm Wednesdays kids six and over will receive free admission to the movie when they turn in a book report. Parents and younger siblings will be admitted for free as well.

If movies aren't your thing you might want to check out Kids Bowl Free. Kids who sign up for the program will receive two free games of bowling every day this summer. Parents and older siblings can purchase a pass that will allow them to play along with their kids this summer for $24.95.

So, how do you keep your kids entertained this summer when you are on a budget?


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