The Summer of No Pants Sewing Challenge

Marigold, who blogs at Hideous!  Dreadful!  Stinky!  is hosting a Summer of No Pants Sewing Challenge and I have decided to participate.

The rules of the challenge are simple.  Each participant is challenged to make a skirt each week for four weeks.  The first week started today, and participants have to have a finished skirt posted by Sunday night (YIKES!).  There is also a second challenge within the main challenge, it is to make one skirt from fabric already in your stash, make one skirt out of old clothes, one skirt that has a non-elastic waist (i.e. button or zip closure, or a wrap skirt), and one skirt any way you want to.  I don't know if I will be able to complete the second part of the challenge, I have the fabric stash covered but I am just not that good at repurposing clothes, and most of my skirt patterns have elastic waists.  So we will just have to see about that part of the challenge. 

Even if you don't want to participate in the challenge you should definetly check out Marigold's blog, she is a very talented woman, and her blog is a great source of inspiration!  Although, I do hope a few of you will decide to join us for the Summer of No Pants Sewing Challenge!


  1. Wow, good luck! I love pants . . but maybe if I wore them less my legs wouldn't be so sadly pale and I'd look better in a skirt . . . hmm, this seems like a catch-22 . . . either way, good luck!

  2. I like my jeans but wear skirts more often in the nice weather. I had tried to make a dress that didn't turn out right a while back, and I was about to scrap it when I realized I could cut the bottom, add an elastic waist, and have a skirt (with pockets!) I'm also 99.9% done with a red and white skirt made from New Look Pattern 0559. It's a very easy pattern that has a nice wide waistband (very flattering) and a zipper on the side. My other .01% (or however you write that number) is to sew hooks on the waistband above the zipper.


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