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I have to admit it, I am a reality TV junkie.  I am addicted to them.  My husband says that I watch them because I am nosey and it feeds into that but I like to watch them because I like to get ideas on how other people handle situations in their day to day life.  I especially like watching shows that feature big families.  I know that it's not a complete look at their life and that it only shows what they want you to see but it does give me ideas.

One of the shows that I watch is 19 Kids and Counting.  When it comes to cleaning house the Duggar family assigns each family member a "jurisdiction" that they are responsible for keeping clean.  I loved this idea!  In fact, I stole it.

Our house is big, and with six people in it, it's impossible for one person to keep clean.  We have tried everything from chore charts, to daily chore lists, to the Fly Lady for helping to keep it clean.  Something always just gets missed.  So jurisdictions have worked for us.  We have assigned each family member a room in the house that they are responsible for, I gave the older kids rooms that require more work with the younger kids receiving the easier rooms. 

So I have no idea how the Duggar's actually deal with jurisdictions past that point, so here is where my ideas took over.  Each day we take fifteen minutes twice a day to clean our jurisdictions.  We typically clean them once around lunchtime, and then again once right before bedtime.  I set the timer for fifteen minutes and we all get to work.  This means each person spends about thirty minutes a day cleaning, and our house stays cleaned.  About one day a week, typically on Saturdays we each do a complete and detailed cleaning of our areas.

If someone's jurisdiction doesn't have a lot of work that needs to be done during the fifteen minute time period, I will assign them a cleaning task from the Fly Lady's Detailed Cleaning List.  I find there is often things on her list that I overlook, but the tasks are simple.  They range from cleaning the window sills, to wiping down baseboards, cleaning ceiling fans, to wiping down the cabinet fronts.  They are simple tasks that can easily be completed within the fifteen minute time frame.

So that's how we handle the cleaning responsibilities at our house.  I want to hear from you, what do you do?


  1. 19 Kids and Counting is so fun to watch! Stopping by from WFMW.


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