Frugal Friday - Gift Ideas

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I am all about frugal gifts, for friends, family, my kids, no one is exempt from frugal gifts.  In my house we have a huge "gift drawer".  Throughout the year I fill the drawer with items that I find at great prices, and as a holiday/birthday/other gift giving event comes up I pull it out of the drawer.  For my husband's nephew's birthday we gave him a bottle of Mustang cologne and a Fender guitar strap.  The guitar strap was found on clearance at Meijer for $3.25 and the cologne (which normally retails for around $30) was found on clearance at Wal-Mart for $6.50.  So I had less than $10 in his gifts.  Did they mean less to him?  No!  It meant the same as if I had paid full price.

Here are some of the places that I find great gifts for my gift drawer:

1.  Clearace shelves
Always search the clearance shelves, and search them in every department.  
Little girls love makeup and nail polish, clothes are perfect for any age, household items are perfect for weddings, and I always know someone who is having a baby.

2.  Amazon 
Amazon has some great deals, and I always have a gift card or two from Swagbucks for Amazon.  From books, to video games, to toys I am constantly finding great gift ideas at Amazon.

3.  Gift Baskets
This is where coupon shopping comes in handy.  If I have a coupon on an item I know I won't necessarily use I buy it any way.  These are great items for gift baskets, you can do a coffee or tea themed basket, you can make up a "shower basket" full of toiletry items for a new grad heading off to college, you can load up a gift basket full of baby items for a baby shower, or you can even load up a basket full of sweet treats (candy bars, cookies, cake mixes) for a friend.

4.  Handmade Items 
I tend to stick away from handmade items for kids, but for adults I am all about the handmade items.  An apron with matching pot holders, throw pillows for a couch, a tote to carry library books in are all perfect gifts.

5.  Money Saving Blogs
I subscribe to several money saving blogs, and have found several great deals on them.  It actually takes some of the work out of it for me, as they will say go to this store buy x item, use x coupon and you will get it for this price or go to this website, buy x items, use xxxx promo code to get it for this price.  For example I bought my grandmother a robe from Lane Bryant this year for $5 by using a promo code along with a deal for free shipping found on one blog.


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