The Summer of No Pants Sewing Challenge - Week Two

Well, I hope Marigold's a woman of her word because she promised us that she wouldn't send anyone to break our legs if we didn't get our skirts done one week, and guess what I didn't get my skirt finished the weekend.  I took my kids swimming instead!  Yep, that's right I totally played hookey! 

Yesterday, I worked on my skirt, and as I was finishing it up I decided it needed to be lined.  The fabric was a little thinner than I expected and you could almost see through it.  I had picked a light pink cotton fabric, which my daughter said was too young looking for me to which I responded I was young, and of course that brought on some serious eye rolling which was followed by a "Yeah right, mom".  The fabric has off-white and brown swirls, so I am lining it with some off-white fabric that I found in my stash.  


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