Shopping Totals January 17th to 23rd

This week my shopping was limited to Wal-Mart, Meijer, and Kroger.  I got some pretty decent deals this week, although I spent more at Meijers than I would have liked to but I stocked up on the chicken that was sold out last week and that I got a rain check on. 

If you are wondering why I am posting my shopping trips every week it's because I am wanting to get an idea of my grocery spending habits, this way I can see exactly how much I am spending, and if I can trim my budget in any way.

Here's how I did this week:
(2) Snuggle 40 count $1.87 each used a $2 on 2 coupon making them $0.87 each
Crest Kids Toothpaste - no coupon or sale but the only type my daughter uses $0.97
(3) Reach dental floss $0.97 used a $3 on 3 coupon making them free

Total coupon savings $5
Total out of pocket $3.15

Kroger had their Mega Freezer Sale going on this week.  If you bought 10 select freezer items you received $5 off instantly.  A lot of the freezer stuff we don't use for our everyday meals but I like to keep them on hand because with teenagers and a 'tween in the house they are always hungry. 

I didn't do a good job of keeping up with which coupons went with what so I won't be able to break down complete costs.

(2) Tombstone Pizza $5.38 for both
(3) Pillsbury Toaster Strudels $1.99 each
(4) Jose Ole Mini Tacos $11.96 for all
Hot Pockets $2.10
Manchuan Yakisoba $1, used $0.50 coupon which doubled making it free

$5 off for Mega Freezer Event
Total Coupon Savings $4.75
Total Out of Pocket $16.66

Again I didn't do a very good job of keeping up with my coupons/prices so I can't give a complete price breakdown this week. 

The chicken breasts from last week and the Coke 12 packs are what drove my price up, they were about $60 of my total.  My husband likes to keep Coke at home, that is his one luxury item that he is allowed.

(2) Skintimate Shave Gels
(2) Mitchum Deodorant
Baking Potatoes
3 Minute Maid Fruit Juices
Meijer Milk
Worchestershire Sauce
(6) 4 lb. bags of boneless skinless chicken breasts
(6) cans Pringles
American Cheese Slices
Sargento Shredded Cheddar Cheese
(6) 12 packs Coke

Total Coupon Savings $7.75
Total Out of Pocket $93.03

In all I spent a total of $112.84 with a coupon savings of $17.50.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love clipping coupons, it's such a challenge to figure out where all you can save. I love seeing the total at the end.


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