Where I've Been

You may or may not have noticed that I haven't been blogging very much lately.  Let me rephrase that I haven't been blogging at all lately!  It's been a very busy time for me.  I have gone back to work after being a stay at home mom for well over six years. 

If that hasn't been enough of a change we have also moved.  We didn't move far, just a few miles from our old house.  But it feels like a huge move.  Bye, bye country house with ten acres and woods, hello subdivision.  While our new house is a nice house it really is a downsize for us.  While we know have a garage and a basement (Yay!!!) we now have three bedrooms instead of five, and our nice two bathrooms, one of which had a huge soaker tub and stand up shower, for a small bathroom that we all must share.  Not so much fun.  Scratch that - no fun at all!  However, we are really enjoying living closer to town, less than five minutes to a grocery store and school, and closer to my work. 

I am hoping that this move will allow me more time to cook and craft again.  And I have been feeling very crafty lately.  Which I must admit is due to the fact that my little sister announced in December that she will be having a baby this summer!  I get to be an aunt!  And I am sooo excited.  Plus, now I have a baby to make all kinds of cute little things for!  It's going to be spoiled before it even gets here.

So I promise you will be seeing regular posts around here again real soon!


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