Let's Talk Easter Baskets

Yes, I know that Saint Patricks Day was just yesterday but my mind is already racing ahead to Easter.  Part of the reason my mind is already thinking Easter is due to the fact that with a little help from CVS and their great sales over the past few weeks I already have a ton of candy socked away for the Easter Bunny to use when he fills Easter baskets.

The only problem is I don't have an Easter basket for all of this candy yet.  I am not typically an Easter basket person.  In the past the Easter Bunny has left all of his spoils in a variety of sensible "baskets", he has used sand buckets, small shoe-box sized totes, baseball bat bags, backpacks...but this year I am thinking we need the traditional Easter baskets.  And if you know me you know that I just can't go to the store and get a basket to use, I'm going to have to make one.  Soooooo......here are some of the baskets that are inspiring me so far....

links to projects are in red

I am loving this pink and frilly Easter basket from Dena's Stamping Corner.  I think it has Sunshine's name written all over it.

I actually have about a yard of some very similar yellow monkey fabric in my stash and I am thinking that this basket from Dabbled would be a perfect basket for Little Man.

And I am thinking this Simple Spring Basket from Maya Made might actually be the perfect Easter Basket for thirteen year old Bubbles.


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