Fit Mommy Friday - Week Two

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Well, this week I didn't lose any weight.  Actually it's not a suprise to me.  I was kind of slack on my eating habits, and it shows.  On Saturday we went to my grandmothers, and she had strawbery shortcake.  We ate out on Sunday, and I had some major cravings on Tuesday night.  However, I did manage to stay within my desired calorie count range on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Getting to the gym was another problem for me this week.  In order to get to the gym I have to get up at 4:45 AM, go to the gym, go back home, and get ready for work.  It's exhausting, especially with all the running I have to do after work.  I did make it to the gym on Tuesday morning with plans to go back on Saturday and Sunday. 

I have been using the Spark People phone app, and their website offers several workout videos.  Some of the beginner workout videos incorporate a balance ball, which I have never used.  I am ordering one from Amazon, and hope to be able to use it on mornings when I just can't get up at 4:45 for the gym but can get out of bed at 5:15 or 5:30.  It might also be able to sneak a workout in at night this way.

I did manage to drink some water everyday this week.  I still am not drinking solely water but feel good about slowly working it in there.  I have terrible migraines, and caffeine helps to keep them at bay. 

So that's my week, not to bad but no weight loss either.  Next week, I really hope to get some more exercise time in, and to continue to drink more water.  I also plan to really watch my calories over the weekend which is when I tend to be more laxe when it comes to counting calories. 


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