Fit Mommy Friday - Week Seven

It hasn't been a great week for weightloss.  I have been sick, and haven't felt like doing anything.  I did manage to hit the gym yesterday for a quick workout on the treadmill but other than that I have had zero exercise.  And since I have been sick I have been eating comfort foods instead of healthy foods.  Not a good move.

My water intake has hit rock bottom again.  I really, really need to start drinking more water.  This is my goal this week - to drink at least one bottle of water each day.  I know it should really be much higher but it's a start.

Needless to say my weight loss for this week has been zero.  That's right the scale has not moved.  I guess in a way that's a good thing - because I haven't gained any weight either but it isn't the two pounds a week that I should be losing.


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