Little Man's Shark Birthday

Little Man's birthday
See that little boy right there in the middle of his proud parents?  That's my baby boy and he turned eight last week!  Eight!  How did that happen?!?!?!
To celebrate his eighth birthday we had a party for him last Saturday.  With everything going on the date snuck up on me at the last minute and I was rushing to get everything done.  I really like to make the kids birthday cakes and incorporate some special elements into the party.  This is easy with girls, and hard with an eight year old boy.  There aren't a lot of themes that appeal to an eight year old boy that aren't too complicated or babyish.  We ended up going with a shark theme.
We used a shark birthday cake from This Sort of Fairy Tale as inspiration for our birthday cake.

I couldn't find green fruit roll ups for the seaweed so I used icing instead.  In our recent move my cake decorating tote has disappeared and I didn't realize it to the last minute so I had to do this sans piping bag. 

We used a pastry brush along with darker blue and white icing to make waves on top of the cake, and I used gummy fish that I found in the bulk candy section at Meijers for the fish.


I used the leftover green and ble icing from the cake to ice the cupcakes and put a gummy fish on each cupcake.  They weren't fancy but I was afraid we would run out of cake so they were a quick and easy backup.
Shark Watermelon

Shark Watermelon

We carved a watermelon into a scary shark that you can read more about here.

Which my son turned into this after the party:

Shark Head

Shark Zone


I made this Shark Zone sign and Happy Birthday Banner using my new Cricut.  You can read more about that here.
Little Man's Birthday

I found this huge birthday card at the Dollar Tree and we had everyone who came to the party sign it for him.

All in all it was a great day.  I am just still so in shock that my baby is eight!


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