Spontaneous Joy?

Are you spontaneous?  Once upon a time I was spontaneous but then as our kids got older and our calendar filled with activities for kids spontaneity just wasn't in the plans.  Somewhere along the way I became a very type A personality that had to have everything planned out which really firmly kicked spontaneity out the door. 

However this weekend after a cancelled ball game opened up a few days in our calendar I decided to give in to spontaneity and brought up the idea of going camping.  My husband, who is Mr. Spontaneous, was over the moon at the idea and within a few hours we were packed up, camper in tow, headed to the campground with the idea of spending two nights. 

When we got to the campground it was incredibly hot, and since the pool closed at 6 PM it was too late to go to the pool but we kept telling the kids we would go to the pool the next day.  We got everything set up, cooked hot dogs over the fire for supper and were having a great time.


The kids played in the creek, we walked around the campground while they rode their bikes, and we were enjoying sitting around the campfire.  I was thinking the whole time that maybe we needed to be spontaneous more often.  Maybe I had let my planning get in the way of just having fun.

Then we started noticing the heat lightening.  And then the wind picked up, so much so that it was necessary for us to put our campfire out.  My husband and I looked at each other, yes a storm was coming in and we were spending the night in it in our camper.

That night we spent the night listening to the rain hit the camper roof, and the thunder rolling.  We kept praying that it would blow over and we would be able to have a good day the next day.  Well, it didn't happen.  There's a reason that I plan ahead.  Had I planned ahead and looked at the weather forecast I would have seen that the rain was predicted to come in. 

We decided to pack it up and come home early.  I did decide however that I need to be more spontaneous.  It was fun spending that time with the kids but next time I will definetly check the weather forecast before we head out.


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