Enjoying the Now

As my husband and children sleep in their beds, I am up.  Catching up on blogging, emails, and trying to get some work done.  I love when the house is quiet like this.  I don't get the chance to enjoy it that often, especially during the school week.  I am constantly running taking the kids to school, running back and forth to after school activities, and making sure that everyone is exactly where they need to be exactly when they need to be there.  It wears me down and I often find mysefl wishing I wasn't so busy.  I will find myself wishing for the day when I don't have to do all this running, and then I realize I will miss this.  This time that I have now is so precious, my kids won't always be this age, and when they are grown I will long for these days back.  I really need to just sit back and enjoy the time I have now.  Even though I am busy, I am blessed to have this time. 


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