Little Passports

As a former homeschooler, who is still a homeschooler at heart, I am always looking for educational opportunities for my kids.  I was on mamasource (great deals website by the way, be sure to check it out) and found a great deal on a three month Little Passports subscription.

Little Passports is designed for children ages five to ten.  Each month your child will receive a package that includes letters from the fictional characters Sam and Sofia, along with souveniers and gifts from a different country each month.  It is a great fun way to introduce your kids to the world around us, and makes for a very fun way to learn geography. 

Anyways, back to the mamasource deal - you get a three month subscription, which is normally $54 for just $26.  Plus if you use the code "SEPT15" you can save 15% on your first order from mamasource.  I ordered my kids a subscription, I can't wait to get our first package!  You can check out the deal here


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