Menu Plan Monday, September 26th to October 2nd

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It has been a very productive weekend around here.  On Friday night we had a cookout with my son's Boy Scout troop where he received his Bobcat Badge.  On Saturday we went shopping, out ot eat at Olive Garden, to church, and then grocery shopping at Meijer where I spent way too much money because I bought what I wanted instead of sticking to my list of sales items.  Then on Sunday we stayed home which allowed us to get the house clean, gave me a chance to work on a project that I will be featuring here later this week, and I even managed to make some Blondies, the recipe for which will also be posted here later this week. 

This will be another busy week for us this week, and I am not going to plan anything for this weekend's meals because at this point I do not think we will be home.  If we do end up being home I will throw something together for those days.

Here's what I have planned this week:
links to recipes are in red

Monday - Honey Thyme Chops, mashed potatoes, corn

Tuesday - Pizza Braid (missed from last week)

Wednesday - Chinese Honey Chicken (new recipe found on Pinterest), white rice

Thursday - Stove Top Easy Turkey Bake (also missed last week)

Friday - Banana French Toast (we love breakfast foods but I am not a morning person, i.e. I don't cook breakfast - so we eat them for dinner from time to time)

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