Scrubs anyone?

I have been considering going back to work at the hospital on a PRN basis through the New Year so that I can make a little bit of extra money over the holiday season.  I don't want to go back full-time but a PRN position would be perfect for me.  I have been looking at the uniforms that I have in my closet, and know I am going to be needing some new ones if I am going to go back to work.

I found some really basic cotton ones at Blue Sky Scrubs,,  that I really like.  They are just a simple cotton scrub, which is a big change from the patterned ones I have in my closet.  Lately simple seems really appealing to me. 

But those of you who know my style know I can't stay simple for too long.  When I got to the scrub hats I fell in love with their patterns

The Fashionista Pixie Scrub Hat

Bravada Pixie Scrub Hat

Aren't they cute?

And wouldn't these scrub sets for kids make adorable Halloween outfits?


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