To work or not to work? That is the question!

I mentioned last week I was thinking about picking up some PRN work to bring in some extra money over the holiday season.  Last April I left my full time job to stay at home with my kids.  The work schedule was overwhelming, my husband's (who was in a car wreck in April, 2008 which left him disabled) health was going down hill from the extra work he was doing to pick up my slack, the kid's were missing me, and nothing was getting done around the house.  We have said time and time again that money isn't everything, and that we would rather sacrfice some of the nicer things in life to have me at home with the kids.  We feel this is important, and I had been a stay-at-home mom up until my husband's wreck.  We could pay our bills without my income, and I knew that I could pick up some of my freelance writing jobs as well to bring in a little money (and I do mean LITTLE). 

Well, long story short, I was offered a short term assignment today.  The money is good, the location is good, however the hours are awful.  They aren't just bad they are awful.  Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 12 to 6.  Every week.  This would mean that every single weekend when my kids are out of school I would be working.  I have struggled with this all day, I mean the money would be nice, it would be a great boost over the holidays but I just can't get over everything I would have to sacrifice to take this job.  So I have come to the conclusion I am going to pass it up.  Then I feel guilty for that because it is so hard to find a job right now, and here I am being offered one.  I feel guilty because we could really use the money, it would be a great boost but then I realize how much I would be sacrificing for the money. 

It is so hard to make a decision like this, and I know that no matter what I decide I will feel bad.  Uggh!  I really wish someone could tell me what is the right thing to do.  Sometimes being an adult isn't fun. 


  1. I guess it all depends on what "short term" means - if it's a month, that's one thing; if it's six, that's another!


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