Wooden Doormat Tutorial

The other night I was cruising Pinterest (I am a total addict by the way) when I came across this wooden doormat from Martha Stewart Living.

I was in LOVE and had to make one for myself, however I didn't have any rope on hand so I decided to make one using what I had on hand.  I decided to stick with white for mine since my furniture on the front porch is white.

So I headed to our scrap wood pile to find some boards and get started.  We don't throw any wood away you never know when you will need it!

First, I measured the width of my front door to determine how wide I wanted my doormat.  I ended up making mine 42" wide.

I cut three bottom runners that were each 42" long and cut twelve runners that were each 18" long.

I screwed each of the 18" top runners to the three bottom runners.  I put the screws in from the bottom of the mat so that the screws would not show. 

After I assembled the doormat I sanded the loose paint off of the boards, and pained the whole thing white.

Easy, easy no cost project for me! 

But now that I have it in front of the door I see that the door jam needs to be painted.  Which is just great, I get one project done only to have another added to my list!  It's a vicious, vicious cycle I tell you!


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