A Late Weekend Roundup

I know it's Tuesday and I am a little late getting my weekend roundup posted but as I said yesterday I am kind of in a funk but today has really gotten me out of it.  I think it was a combination of the cold and rainy weather with stress.  I am not proud of it but the weather really plays a lot in my moods.  Anyhow, it's warmed up and the sun is shining now!

The kids were on Fall Break on Thursday and Friday of last week.  We had planned on Thursday to drive down to visit my grandmother, mom, brothers, and cousins on Thursday but Bubbles broke her glasses Tuesday night.  So we made an appointment for her to see the eye doctor early Thursday morning, which we did before heading out on our two hour drive.  We spent the entire day at my grandmother's the kids getting to play with cousins, and their uncles who aren't too much older than them.  We played cards, laughed, and joked.  It was a great day.  We left on Thursday night and didn't get home until late. 

On Friday it was still rainy and cold so we spent the day at home.  The kids playing and just enjoying a non-structured day.  Friday was the Friday night sew-in but I spent pretty much the entire day curled up on the couch, crocheting, and watching shows on DVR.  I got quite a bit done and was able to make some great items for my Etsy shop. You can view the results of my night here.

Saturday was another lazy day around the house, and on Sunday we visited a new church that is closer to home.  We love our church where we are at now, but it's an hour drive.  We have tried several churches close to home, and just haven't found the one that works for us but the kids really enjoyed the new church.  We are going to give it another try next week. 

It was nice to have a lazy weekend after the last few busy weekends, and the busy weekend we have coming up next week.


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