Menu Plan Monday, October 3rd to 9th

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Well, I am back to planning my menu on a Friday night!  Yay for being prepared!  Actually I am going to "the big city" tommorow and I am going to pick up my groceries from the store there so I need to get a shopping list together tonight.

It's actually going to be a really short cooking week around here this week as I am going to be VERY busy this week.  I actually won't be cooking any Friday, Saturday, or Sunday!

Here's what I have planned this week for the nights that we will be home:
links to recipes are in red

Monday - Crockpot Baked Potato Soup (New Recipe found on Pinterest)

Tuesday - Going to the Pumpkin Patch with Boy Scouts, we are taking pumpkin shaped rice krispie treats as our something sweet (I will post the how to and pics later this week)

Wednesday - Crab Cakes Using Imitation Crab Meat, macaroni and cheese, corn

Friday to Sunday - not cooking at home

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