Weekend Wrap Up

I had such an amazingly awesome weekend, it was one of those weekends that you really just don't want to end.

On Friday night we drove about an hour and a half to my grandmother's house to stay for the weekend.  We lived with her for a short time, and her house feels like home to us.  It's a nice feeling.

On Saturday Little Man had a council wide scouting event that my husband and I took him to. 

He had a blast participating in the days activities and was able to earn a few belt loop awards.

While Little Man, my husband and I were at the scouting event my grandmother took the girls to a block party and then to church.  After they got out of church, we met them along with a couple of other people for dinner.  Followed by a trip to the local German American club that had a live band playing.  I remember going to the German American club with my grandparents as a little girl, and this was the first time for my husband or kids.  We all had a blast.

My husband and Sunshine dancing.

Bubbles and Little Man dancing.  This one melted my heart.

My grandmother suprised Bubbles by telling the band that today was Bubble's birthday.  They called Bubbles out onto the dance floor and had everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to her.  The moment was priceless!

We got back to my grandmother's late Saturday night and the kids were all so exhausted that they fell asleep within minutes.  We woke up on Sunday, fixed a large breakfast, and then headed home.  It was late afternoon on Sunday when we got home, so as soon as we all got baths and ate a quick fix supper we all went to bed early.  I have to admit, I slept for twelve hours last night and boy did I need that!  I hope everyone had as great a weekend as I did!

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