Week in Review, August 11th

This week has been quite a tumultous week in the Modern Day Mom household.  We have had so much going on, and doctor's visits have turned our plans for the rest of the summer. 

As I said last week Sunshine was coming off of the flu and Little Man was getting over pneumonia.  However, they weren't the ones whose doctors visits were scary.  The Mister was in a car wreck in 2008 where among other things he broke three vertebrates in his neck.  He had a failed spinal fusion a few months later, and has struggled with issues from it ever since.  On Tuesday we learned from an MRI that he now has a bone spur that is in contact with his spinal cord.  They don't know exactly how much damage it has caused but he is already showing major weakness on his left side from it.  Yesterday (Friday) he had a myleogram done to see how much damage is done.  So now he is spending the weekend and the beginning of next week flat on his back in bed recovering.  We won't know the results for about a week, as his neurosurgeon is transferring from one hospital affiliation to another that is closing his office down for the week next week.  The Mister is his first appointment when he reopens so now we wait.

Since we knew what was ahead of us with The Mister we took the kids to the lake for probably the last trip of the summer.  We had a blast!

We spent the day swimming and had a picnic lunch. 

It was a nice break from reality.

Next week should be an interesting week for us as well.  We start our homeschool co-op on Monday and the kids are so excited!  Other than that though it should be a low key week for us.


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