Week in Review, August 4th

This week in The Modern Day Mom house has not been much of one to brag about.  We have been sick, sick, and sick.

Last week Little Man started getting sick on Thursday afternoon, when of course the doctors office was closed on Friday.  It never fails, my kids always get sick as the doctor's office closes.  So we spent all of last weekend laying around, and trying anyway we could to make him feel better.  We debated taking him to the ER but decided to wait until Monday to take him to the ER.  I am never any good at making that call. 

Monday was my birthday (YAY!) but I had to go to school for my last final of the summer semester.  While I was at school my husband took Little Man to the doctor to find out he had pneumonia.So no big celebration for my birthday and so much for my big plans for summer fun while I was out of school and before school for the kiddos start full-time.  We are going back to homeschooling this year, and they will start co-op on the 13th.

We spent the rest of the week laying around the house trying to get to feeling better when Sunshine started getting sick herself.  So Friday was spent in the doctor's office with her.  They sent her to the hospital to have some labs run because there has been a Swine Flu scare with pigs at our local fair this week.  UUUGGGHHH!  The doctor later called only to say that she has what she suspects is a virus.  Thank goodness!

I hope everyone else has had a better (and healthier) week than us!


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