Christmas 2012

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!  Yesterday I talked about Making Next Year's Christmas Even Better Than This Year's but today I wanted to talk about our family's Christmas this year.  I have to say this Christmas was one of my absolute favorites.  It was a fun few days of celebrations, and I really enjoyed myself. 

However, the month of December did not start out all that great.  I was super busy in my Etsy shop, and finsihing up finals for school.  It was very stressful.  I didn't have enough freezer meals planned out, and we ate out way too many times this month because I was too busy to cook.  We didn't make it to the holiday light displays or get to do some of the fun things we wanted to do because I was so crazy busy.  This will not happen again.  I am closing down my Etsy shop simply because I am worn out.  I will be opening my own website and offering only ready to ship items there. 

On December 21st I was finally able to set my crocheting aside and start enjoying myself.  Once this happened my Christmas experience improved one hundred percent.  On the 21st my daughter and I made cookies for a cookie exchange I went to that night.  Then on the 22nd we took the family Christmas shopping, this was the only day that I did any in-store shopping.  Everything else was bought through Amazon.  We visited Santa on the 22nd and went to church that night.  It was an amazing day. 

On the 23rd my husband's family came up and we spent the day with them.  Then on the 24th we went down to Kentucky to visit my family.  We didn't get home until late on the 24th and the kids were exhausted.  The youngest ones wore the pajamas my mom had bought them on the car ride home so they were able to go straight to bed when we got home.

Then there was Christmas Day, the day we had all looked forward to. 

We had decided we weren't going to be in a hurry that day.  The plan was for the kids to get up (which they didn't wake up until 10 AM) and get their stockings.  After they opened their stockings we cooked breakfast.  Pancakes and bacon.....

After breakfast the kids were able to open their first presents.  The presents were numbered as they were wrapped.  The kids were only allowed to open one present each hour.  This would give them a little bit to enjoy each present before they had to open the next one.  This allowed for a lot of this.....

The kids spent time around the kitchen table playing with the K'Nex and the Shrinky Dinks they opened early in the morning.  Taking breaks every hour to open a new present.  I was worried the kids wouldn't like it but they did and we were able to spread the present experience throughout the day.  We will definetly be making this a tradition.

Around 4 PM we went to the local Chinese restaurant for our annual Christmas Dinner.  This has become a tradition for us and one that we all enjoy.

After we returned from the restaurant the younger kids discovered that there were new bikes for them in the garage.

Also after dinner we opened all of the remaining presents under the tree which resulted in our living room looking like this....

I hope you all had as an enjoyable Christmas as ours!


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