Celebrating Valentine's Day with Kids

Valentine's Day is still a few weeks away but it's never too early to get started planning for it. Here at the Modern Day Mom Valentine's Day is all about the kids around here.  My husband and I are not very lovey, dovey, mushy people so a holiday about love just isn't us.  However a holiday about love that we can celebrate with our kids, that is a holiday we can get behind.  Each year we try to do little things that make the holiday special for our kids, and we have several traditions that our kids look forward to each year. 

Here are a few of the ways we make Valentine's Day special for our kids:

Heart Shaped Pancakes
These are a favorite tradition on Valentine’s Day around here. I have a silicone heart shape that I use to shape my pancakes but if you can't find one, just simply make your pancakes the regular way and use a large heart shaped cookie cutter to cut them into heart shapes. While our pancakes are always heart shaped we do add in variations from year to year. Sometimes we add red and pink sugar sprinkles to the batter to have pancakes with sprinkles in them, or we add red or pink food coloring to the batter to have red or pink colored pancakes.

Salt Dough Hearts
Last year we had a party for the kid’s friends for Valentine’s Day and had the kids paint Salt Dough Hearts as one of the crafts at the party. The day before the party I made a big batch of salt dough, rolled it out, and cut it into large hearts using a heart shaped cookie cutter. Before I baked them I took an ice pick and made a hole in the top of each heart to put a ribbon through. The next day at the party we painted them, added glitter and other goodies to decorate them, then ran red or pink ribbon through the hole so that they could be hung up.

Pink and Red Dinner
I know several families who do this each year as well. We set the dining room table with our fancy china, napkins, and decorate with plenty of hearts. Our dinner consists of items that are red and pink. Be creative when planning your meal, and don't forget you can use red or pink food coloring. Pastas are an easy main dish that incorporates red.

You're Special Hearts
Using red construction paper cut out a large red heart. You will need one heart for each member of your family. Decorate the middle of each heart with the name of a family member. What you are going to do is each family member will write why they think that person is special on their heart. Then at supper time everyone will read what the other family members have written about them.

Valentine’s Day Movie
Every year after our Pink and Red Dinner we all enjoy a family friendly Valentine’s Day movie. Be My Valentine Charlie Brown is one of our favorites.

What are the ways that you make Valentine's Day special for your kids?

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