Even More Ways to Organize Recipes Online

Almost three years ago, back in March of 2010, I wrote the post Organizing Recipes That You Find Online that contained ideas for saving recipes that you find online like printing them out to go in a recipe binder, saving them as a word document, and organizing them in your Favorites Menu. This has been a popular post and with new technology (think Pinterest) the way that I have organized my recipes online has changed a little. Here are a few more ideas that you can use to save the recipes that you find online.


Probably one of the most popular ways, and one of my favorite ways, to save online recipes is by pinning them to Pinterest. I have created Pinterest boards to organize my recipes into categories; I have them organized by Chicken Recipes, Beef Recipes, Hamburger Recipes, Seafood Recipes, Bread Recipes, Cookie Recipes, Pie Recipes, etc. I also have recipes organized by holidays and seasons like Summer Menu for light summery foods, Winter Soups, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even set up boards for events like Birthdays or special parties. There are endless possibilities for organizing recipes on Pinterest and everyone on Pinterest seems to have their own way of doing it. You can sign up for Pinterest and visit my Pinterest page here.

Google Docs

Saving a recipe on Google Docs is an easy way to organize and save recipes that you want to keep. Not only can you organize them easily and can easily make notes or changes to the recipe but you can also have access to your recipes no matter where you are or if something happens to your hard drive.
File Folders

Recipes can be easily accessed when saved in File Folders, the real ones, not the virtual ones. If you like to have a real recipe in your hand to hold and don’t want to have to rely on a computer, a tablet, or your phone to read your recipe this is a great way to organize your recipes. Print out any recipes that you want to keep, and place them in file folders in your kitchen. You can organize recipes by categories, and have a folder for recipes that you want to try.

All Recipes Recipe Box

Al l Recipes has a feature called Recipe Box that allows you to save all of your recipes that can be found online in one place. It is free to register for All Recipes Recipe Box feature and by using it you can have access to all of your recipes from any Internet connection. Sign up for All Recipes Recipe Box here.

Apple My Recipe Book App

Apple offers the My Recipe Book App for Apple users. The App costs $1.99 and allows users to organize recipes easily. Recipes can be imported directly from the website, sorted by keywords or categories, allows users to adjust serving sizes, and create a grocery list. The best part there is no Internet Connection needed to view recipes that you have saved using this App. You can find out more about Apple’s My Recipe Book App by visiting the ITunes store.

How do you organize the recipes that you find online?


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