Home Decorating on a Budget

Decorating your home is important; after all it is what makes your home feel inviting and more like a home instead of just a house. If you are on a budget decorating your home can be a challenge but it is possible to decorate your home and stay within your budget. When trying to decorate your home on a budget it is important to focus on high traffic rooms, as those will be the ones most visited. Good rooms to focus on are the living room, kitchen, and main bathroom.


Painting is the cheapest and easiest way to change the entire look of a room. A new paint job makes everything look fresh and clean, while changing a room from a boring contractor white to a bright yellow can add a whole new look to a room.

Giant Photo

Create a focal point in any room with a giant photo. Office supply stores like Office Depot, Office Max, and staples will print what they call an Engineer’s Print of one of your photos very cheaply, in most cases it is less than $10. These prints can only be done in black and white but they measure about four feet by three feet. Sugar Bee Crafts has an excellent tutorial on how to mount one of these prints to plywood for hanging, which you can find here.

Tablecloths as Curtains

Draperies can be very expensive but can add a lot of drama to a room. Tablecloths can easily be turned into curtains by adding a hem for hanging. Not only are tablecloths much less expensive you have many more patterns to choose from (which can help to make a bold statement), come in long sizes like 60x84 inches or 60x104 inches, and are meant to be laundered frequently.

Create Your Own Wall Art

You don’t have to be a world renowned artist to create your own wall art; all you have to do is take a look around Pinterest to find some excellent ideas on how to do this. There are tons of Do It Yourself blogs that offer some great tutorials for this as well. Here are some of my favorites, Spunky Junky’s Chevron Shoebox Wall Art, Curbly’s Making Wall Art Out of Styrofoam, the Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree from Duitang.com, and the 3-D Cardboard Stars from Grey Luster Girl.

Repurpose Items

Do you have an old dresser that you aren’t using anymore? What about an old door? Or even an old desk? They don’t have to be used for their original purposes; they can be repurposed into something new that you will love using. You could turn the dresser into a traditional console like Southern Revivals did here, you can turn the desk into night tables like Sugar Bee Crafts did here, and the door can be a bookshelf like the one that was done here on My Repurposed Life.


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